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Maurice Jones

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our agency has provided Employee Benefits and personal insurance since 1992.  We have excelled in this area, as evidenced by our excellent reviews.

Some time ago, we began a study on the need for Long Term Care Insurance and the sources in our area for a person to obtain reliable, dependable help in planning for long term care future needs.

Our research and web searches indicated that most long term care insurance providers were

1.  Out of town insurance agencies 


2.  Were specialists in other lines of insurance, ie, auto, homeowners, or property and casualty who were selling long term care on a part time basis or were selling long term care simply for  additional profit.  

Ads stated "We give you quotes with ten different companies.  Compare rates today!  We find the best benefits and rates for you."  Our question was

Rates for what?  How can I get a rate if I don't even know if I need Long Term Care Insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance is a very complicated product and most of the time, there are more questions than answers.

During this study period, we interviewed nursing homes, assisted living and memory care facilities, directors, and owners.  We also interviewed physicians, attorneys, CPA's and other professionals.  We posed a question to all of them.

What if there were a source whose sole purpose was to counsel regarding the intire spectrum of long term care, including a resource center with information on Veteran's Benefits, Medicare Benefits, Medicaid, Life Insurance options on the policies now owned, Reverse Mortgages, Annuities, Trusts, and all of the tools available for long term care?

The resounding answer was ....... WOW!  That IS what is needed!

We began with the required credentialing by the state insurance departments and the companies we represent.  We obtained a Georgia Insurance Counselor's License which required bonding, 15 years insurance experience and other requirements.  We will never market an insurance product about which we are not an expert.

After this thorough and exhausting process, we began to talk to insurance companies about their products, experience, service reputation, and financial strengths.  We partnered with the best of the best in order to offer our clients exactly what they needed.

The final result was the birth of Long Term Care Resources, an entity entirely devoted to long term care!

On a personal note, we've been through the entire process for a family member with Alzheimer's.  Hopefully, our experience will help you as you begin the conversation.

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