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What To Expect From Us

We do not provide quotes because you may not need Long Term Care Insurance.  When you begin the conversation with us about long term care, we explore ALL of the options with you.  We briefly review Medicare and Medicaid with you.  If you are a veteran, having served in a wartime era, you or your spouse may be eligible for Verteran's Administration Benefits.  We will explain how to qualify for Medicaid benefits.  You may want to investigate reverse mortgages.  If you have life insurance, you may have options included in those policies which we will review with you.  We will also address other options such as family assistance, home health care, trusts, review the different kinds of facilities available, and we will review the costs of all areas of long term care in your area.

If our conversations reveal a need and desire to insure all or a portion of your needs, several products are available.  We will design a plan with you and your input; a plan you will be comfortable with and one that is compatible with your budget.

Plans available will be dedicated to your needs and may include


Traditional Long Term Care Insurance 


Our preferred partner companies:

                                                         Mutual of Omaha

                                          National Guardian Life Insurance Co.

                                                      Full underwriting is required.

Asset Based or Hybrid Policies

If you have a need for Life Insurance and a desire to insure your long term care needs, these policies are life insurance policies with a long term care rider.  Single premium policies are available.  Medical underwriting is required.  Our preferred partner companies:


                                                        The Guardian

                                                     Mutual of Omaha


Annuities With Long Term Care Riders

If you have funds available, you can leverage those funds for long term care expenses with a single premium annuity, preserving some of your wealth, protecting your beneficiaries, and securing payment for your long term care expenses.  Deposits of 150,000.00 and more are recommended.  Our preferred partner companies include:


                                                   Limited Underwriting 


Short Term Care Policies                 


Typically pay for Home Health Care, Professional Home Care, and Assisted Living or Nursing Home Care for shorter periods of time, ie, one to two years.  Less expensive than traditional long term care with minimal underwriting required.  Our preferred partner companies include:


                                                  Aetna Senior Products 

                                                   Guarantee Trust Life   


Home Care Plans              

Provide for non-medical home care service such as:

  • ​Dressing

  • Bathing

  • Toileting

  • Grooming

  • Medication Reminders

  • Changing linens

  • Accompaniment to grocery shopping, doctor visits, etc.

There is a 90 day period before benefits can be assessed.  All persons qualify, no medical underwriting and it is the same price for all ages, an excellent alternative to nursing home confinement.  Our partnered company:

                                         True Freedom Nationwide Care Plans


                       Start your conversation with us now to secure your future.




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